Wistful Wishes

Wistful Wishes

It was three years of something I called love

And I wished my eyes were the first to forget.


I wished my eyes forgot your eyes every time you looked at me

How they twinkle every time you gaze as if I was a beautiful galaxy

Full of stars that form your constellations

And your only sun, the center of all your revolutions.


I wished my eyes forgot your lips every time you spoke

How they part, how they touch, and even how they close

How they always curl up after saying my name

Like you just said the only beautiful word, and there weren’t any of the same.


I wished my eyes forgot your hands every time you held mine

How our fingers fit, and how perfect they looked like

How your every vein and every line appear to connect to my body

So tight, my darling, I thought you won’t ever let me go.


I wished my eyes forgot how good you always looked

Like you just came out alive from a best-selling fiction book

How every curve and every corner of your body seemed sculpted

And you were a masterpiece, a work of art.


I wished my eyes forgot the picture of us together

How there weren’t anything else, and nothing could have been better

We were smiling and laughing and so happy in every memory

Nothing could have taken you away from me.


I wished my eyes were the first to forget you

So that my heart would follow and erase everything, too

Everything from three years of what I called love

When love was something we never had.


Three years of something I thought was love

And after three years your memories are still all I have

I may have wished, but I never forgot

Because, darling, up until now, every road, every turn, every door I go into

They all lead me, take me back and back again to you.