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I will forever be grateful for your weird habit of peeking into the windows of the houses you pass by because if you did not look through my apartment’s window that night, I would not have known the most beautiful blue eyes in the world.



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I sometimes look back to the days when I loved you so. It was back when I forgot what life was before and how I was able to survive the older days when I had not met you yet. I was too in love then. All that mattered to me were you and those moments when I was wrapped up in your arms. But two years later, you left me. I was a wreck. I cried for days and nights. But soon I forgot what life was with you, and I recovered. And after that, every time I come across the memory of you and I, I wondered if I really loved you. Now, I realized I actually did. It is just that young love was too dumb and temporary.