for you from me

it is magic every time you look at me.

you look at me, and i feel so safe and secured.

you look at me, and suddenly i feel so weak and vulnerable.

you look at me, and everything else fades.

you look at me, and anywhere from then will be full of life.

you look at me for the first time, and i fell in love.

you look at me, and from every moment then that your eyes set on mine, i will fall in love with you all over again.


for me from you

it is magic every time i look at you.

i look at you, and i do not know anything anymore.

i look at you, and suddenly i know everything there is to know of.

i look at you, and everything else disappears.

i look at you, and anywhere i look from then will all be just you.

i look at you for the first time, and i fell in love.

i look at you, and for every moment from then that these eyes set on you, i will fall in love with you all over again.


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I have always known that the time will come when you will realize how stupid you are for falling in love with a girl like me. Ever since we met, I was so afraid you will suddenly bump your head and wake to the fact that you deserve so much more. I was so afraid I was not good enough for you. And even if I have always known this day will come, it still pains me because I have always thought your love will somehow accept me even if. But it didn’t.


Please let me go.

Please just keep hurting me that I may get used to the pain and be numb.

Please do not show me you care, so I will not get used to you being there when you meant to go.

Please stop asking me to stay because I would not want to watch you leave.

And please understand that I cannot say “hello” to you for I do not want to risk another “goodbye”.

Late Nights

I would arrive home from school at eight in the evening, and we would start our long night at nine.

Exactly in the middle of homeworks and projects piled up due the next day, my phone will be ringing, and then there was you keeping me awake, working and happy.

I miss those long nights until three in the morning when we will just talk about nothing, anything and everything. We will talk about life and love and food, and without me noticing, I am done with my homeworks.

I miss those late nights when I fall asleep listening to your voice reading me poems and singing me songs out of tune.


I miss those long late nights with you.


Because now, my late nights are just tears of missing those late nights with you.

Amor Vincit Omnia

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You used to say “I don’t care” when people ask you about our what if’s. What if she leaves you? What if she falls out of love? What if she finds another? And you’ll shrug it all off like you really would not care and still love and accept me if I do those things to you. But I did not do them. You did. And it pains me to admit that I don’t care… and that I still love you even after all.