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I was walking along the busy streets we used to pass by then. I walked past our favorite ice cream parlor where you’d always order a double vanilla with sprinkles and marshmallows and additional chocolate syrup for me. I also passed by that old bookstore where you bought me that last signed copy of Pablo Neruda’s collection of sonnets. The coffee shop where we used to spend hours and hours just talking and staring and admiring each other was also still there. And then finally at the end of the street, where all is calm and quiet, I saw that tall, old sycamore tree where we used to lay under, just watching the sun during the day and the stars and moon at night. And just as I was about to keep walking, I saw you there. I saw you with your hands in your pockets, with your eyes on me and with that look like it was seven years ago. It was so sweet and sudden and just euphorically nostalgic.


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